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Why a LAND specialist? You don\\\\\\\'t go to a dentist for heart surgery. ?We are the right specialist for selling your LAND, Homes with Acreage, Commercial Property or Buildings. ?We consistently Out-perform the market for all property types in all areas. ?Do not be fooled by the neighborhood specialist MYTH. ?Real Estate marketing today must reach way beyond your local neighborhood to regional, national and international. ?We are your effectiveness specialist to link you to the Globe.? Call or email us and lets do it together. Call or email us and we will tell you Exactly How. ?We are different. ?We are better.


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"Mark (center) with Auditor Dusty Rhodes and Head of Cincinnati Zoning, Reginald Lyons".

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Tired of the same old real estate web sites? We are different and unique with tons of useful information not found on Sibcy or Coldwell or Huff or any of the others including facts and ideas on all aspects of land and the issues effecting buildings, above ground and under. Check out our "Land Links" section for this extensive thought provoking valuable information.
Additionally at cincyland.com you will find:

Wyoming Ohio Homes for Sale

Looking to buy or sell a home in Wyoming Ohio?? Call or email us now and we will point you in the right direction.? Wyoming Ohio is one of the oldest and still most desirable neighborhoods in the Cincinnati area.? The excellent Wyoming school system is a strong draw to relocating families.? We feature, show and sell Wyoming Ohio homes better than anybody.?? Buyers, call or email us today for a list of available homes in Wyoming Ohio.? Sellers, Call or email us now for a free market analysis of the value of your Wyoming home.? We may have a buyer for you already. ?Centrally located, Wyoming Ohio is easily accessible from anywhere in the tri-state area

Land for sale
Our core specialty is selling land in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas. We have or can find for you the right lot, commercial site, acreage or farm land. Under land links you will find specific information about all aspects of land development including the latest in?Green?construction techniques. We have extensive links and information about every aspect of land including whats above and below it including water issues and erosion, mineral rights, radon, and geological issues. Everything needed to develop land, lots and acreage including links to all area building departments and government agencies, builders, surveyors, architects are within Cincyland.com. Every building project starts with land acquisition. We have the largest inventory of land for sale and we can link you to everything you need to build up from there. Whether searching for land to buy or selling land we can assist you to reach your goals. We have specific information on land and land sales by county including:

Hamilton County Ohio Land
Including Cincinnati land information and property for sale, and specifically Indian Hill, and Loveland land and property information. Indian Hill is the most sought after residential land and acreage in Hamilton County. Check out our information on commercial land development along the I-75 Corridor through Hamilton County. The Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus "Golden Triangle" of commercial property and residential development is growing and merging with a foot firmly planted on Hamilton County Ohio land. Hamilton County encompasses the oldest and largest population center of the tri-sate in Cincinnati. Land is therefore rarer in Hamilton County and especially Cincinnati. In spite of this sellers should take note that the current market conditions may hold down the price you can get for land right now. Even commercial lending has tightened up recently affecting the commercial property market and pricing of Hamilton County commercial land and sites.

Indian Hill Land and Acreage
The most desired and sought after land in Hamilton County has become the most expensive. Indian Hill is all zoned residential and the price per acre has stayed strong through the current market. Land, lots and acreage are available for sale right now in Indian Hill but as the premium and most prestigious location in the Cincinnati area, it commands top price. The stability and history of Indian Hill helps todays buyer or investor look at the long term big picture which points to Indian Hill remaining on top well into the future. ?Indian Hill has it\\\\\\\'s own police force (The Rangers), excellent schools and larger lot sizes, typically 1 and 5 acre minimums, which enhance the quality of living for Indian Hill residences.

Warren County Ohio Land
Warren County Ohio has recently been called the 8th fastest growing County in the USA. Warren County Ohio has its own "Golden Triangle" from Loveland Ohio to Lebanon Ohio to Mason Ohio. Lebanon and Mason Ohio are excellent investment destinations. Drive beyond the towns and highways of Warren County and you will see the ample supply of land, acreage, and tranquil horse farms. Warren County still has plenty of room to grow. Warren County Ohio Land includes:

Mason Ohio Land and Acreage
Land in the Mason area is in high demand. Residential and commercial development in Mason Ohio has steadily grown for the last 3 decades. Mason Ohio has grown up around Kings Island and now is a top commercial and residential target for investors, business owners and home buyers. We are now offering 3.5 acres of prime commercial property ripe for development at the corner of Wilkins and Bardes Ln. in Mason Ohio, just behind Home Depot off Fields Ertle.? This is the top commercial location in the Cincinnati area.

Lebanon, Ohio Land and Acreage
Lebanon Ohio has also enjoyed a fantastic boom in recent commercial property and residential development. Bolstered by developments like the ambitious "San Mar Gale" in Lebanon Ohio. We are currently offering a few top locations in lebanon Ohio.

Butler County Ohio Land
Butler County to the North of Cincinnati again has another "Golden Triangle" of development between Hamilton, Fairfield and Middletown. Commercial property sales and land sales are as strong as ever in Butler County Ohio as demand increases and supply shrinks. Butler County Ohio Land includes:

West Chester Ohio Land and Acreage
Demand stays strong in West Chester and the limited supply is carefully controlled by the West Chester building and zoning authorities. West Chester residential and commercial property grew so fast the past couple of decades it now is the newest city in the tri-state area.? We have prime acreage available right now in West Chester Ohio.

Fairfield Ohio Land and Acreage
We can guide you to all relevant development information like: The Fairfield Department of Development can assist you with the planning of your project -

Hamilton Ohio Land and Acreage
In the City of In Hamilton Ohio and beyond we can help you find the right builder, developer, architect, surveyor, landscaper or other tradesmen.

Oxford Ohio Land and Acreage
Oxford Ohio in Butler County is an excellent target for 1031 exchange buyers or any investor looking for multi family property. Miami University in Oxford supplies a steady tenant base as students are always looking for rental property.

Cincinnati Homes with acreage
We feature homes with acreage in the following communities: Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Warren County, Butler County and Clermont Counties. Who would not want a home with acreage as the supply of land shrinks, cities become more crowded and the pace of life gets faster ?To have a quiet retreat with some privacy, a view, maybe even some deer and wildlife is the best way to counter stress and enjoy life. Land buyers may be glad to pay a little extra for a home with acreage. When selling you do not always realize a great premium for that additional acreage but it should make your home sell faster. Unless there is actual development potential, resale profits may be less than expected, but again as land get scarcer and demand grows we know the price can only go up.

Homes with acreage in Hamilton County Ohio
There are still many hidden gems of homes with acreage throughout Hamilton County Ohio including the communities of Anderson Township, Loveland, Indian Hill, Green Township and even probably your neighborhood. Privacy and room to stretch your legs can be enjoyed with a home surrounded by some acreage.

Homes with acreage in Warren County Ohio
Including Maineville, Mason, Waynesville, Loveland and Lebanon Ohio. Warren Counties Homes with Acreage are an excellent investment as the population expands into this booming county from the Cincinnati area.

Homes with acreage in Clermont County Ohio
Are plentiful as much of Clermont County still has that country feel Including Batavia, Amelia, Withamsville, Goshen, and Loveland Ohio. Much of the wealth from Cincinnati and Hamilton Counties tends to head east, and Clermont County is right there.

Homes with acreage in Butler County Ohio
Including Hamilton, Fairfield, Oxford and West Chester.? All areas where you can still find that dream home with some extra land and acreage to provide a buffer from the stress of modern life. Homes with acreage are still plentiful in many parts of Butler County Ohio.

Buildings for sale
We feature information about and buildings for sale in Cincinnati and the surrounding counties. Cincyland.com displays buildings available in our "Featured Listings" and you can also search any buildings for sale on the MLS on-line under "All Listings". We have information on the most interesting and historic buildings in Cincinnati and information on the major downtown Cincinnati buildings. We have helpful links and information on the building process in the Cincinnati area. We provide information on the largest players on the national building scene in our building "A" list. We can also help you find the right builder to build your building.

Hamilton County Ohio Buildings
As the home of Cincinnati Ohio, Hamilton County tends to have the most and some of the oldest buildings in the tristate. ?To find the best deals in decades for buildings and commercial property n Hamilton County, Call us! 721-LAND (5263)

Warren County Ohio Buildings
With tons of newer development throughout Warren County Ohio now, in this current market, may be the best time to invest in a building for sale in Warren County Ohio

Butler County Ohio Buildings
Take advantage of our buyers market and buy a building in Butler County now while some of the best deals in decades are still available. Contact us now for how to find foreclosure properties as many are available for sale.

Clermont County Buildings
Development in Clermont County Ohio stretches along the main State routes like #s 32, 132, 125, 50 and 52. There has never been a better time to buy a building in Clermont County Ohio than right now.

Commercial property for sale
In this site you can find the best commercial property available in the Cincinnati market and the surrounding counties of Hamilton, Warren, Butler and Clermont. We have intensive information on all aspects of commercial property including, investment property, 1031 exchange property, cap rates and commercial land. We also show you the current significant pending commercial property sales by county and recently sold large commercial property and commercial buildings sales for each Hamilton, Warren, Butler and Clermont Counties. Now that commercial lending is getting harder to secure will the local commercial property market and commercial development continue to flourish in Cincinnati and our surrounding tri-state area? Stay tuned as we will keep our finger on the pulse of the latest trends in commercial property sales and development. ?Many investors from around the nation are finding our cash flow and income producing property in and around Cincinnati bring returns and profits well beyond their local markets. ?More and more out of town investors are flockng to and buying in the midwest and the Cincinnati Ohio area including our large selection of multi-family properties and apartment buildings.

Hamilton County Ohio Commercial Property
The heart of business from downtown Cincinnati and beyond. We can get you the information you need to feel good about your commercial property project or investment in Hamilton County Ohio. We network with all Hamilton Counties major developers like Neyer, and Hills and all the minor developers too. What do you need?

Warren County Ohio Commercial Property
As one of the fastest growing counties in the entire USA for the last decade Warren County Ohio is an excellent destination for commercial property investment, 1031 exchange or income producing property. Mason continues to grow around Kings Island, Maineville still is a prime destination of the northern migration from Cincinnati. Lebanon Ohio is poised for its next expansion. Now is an excellent time to invest in Warren County Ohio commercial property?? Tell us what you want and we will find it. ?We have some excellent investment opportunites available right now for commercial property in Lebanon Ohio. ?See "Our Listings" for details.

Butler County Ohio Commercial Property
Fairfield commercial property projects like Iwata Bolt USA who are developing 115,000 sq. ft. on Union Center Blvd. and Ohio Casualty Groups $10 million makeover and the 100 acre Port Union Commerce Center in West Chester show Butler County commercial property is alive and kicking and worth a second look What do you need ?We will find it. Call or email us now.

Clermont County Ohio
Commercial Property Commercial Development runs through Clermont County Ohio stretching out along the major State Routes. Business development has blossomed east from Hamilton county and this has provided steady growth to communities like Goshen, Milford, and Amelia,

We are the number 1 seller of churches in the Cincinnati area. Churches are An interesting niche in the commercial property realm. Most churches can go into residential zoning but are listed on the MLS as commercial property. We network with all area churches through our "Unify Cincinnati" land and building donation program. There is a steady supply and demand as religious groups both grow and shrink. We can help you sell your church or find the right new location for your congregation be it land or an existing church building. As a show of respect and solidarity we discount our commission for religious institutions and churches. Call us. We want to work with you. ?We currently have two churches available for sale. ?See "Our Listings" for details or call us at 721-LAND (5263)?or email

1031 Exchange Property
What a fantastic concept for anyone selling commercial property. Find someone who absolutely has to buy something now! 1031 exchange investors should not and can not be ignored in any serious sale or purchase of commercial property. We can link you to the right 1031 exchange agent or attorney. We have a national database of 1031 exchange agents and attorneys to help you sell your commercial property. 1031 exchanges save you taxes when you sell. Call us at 721-LAND or email us
mark@cincyland.com for details

Investment Property
For top investment property, income producing property and cap rates search our "Featured Listings". For the ultimate extensive commercial property searches click on "Commercial Property" at our top tool bar. We have the absolute best selection of other local, regional, and national search engines for commercial property, industrial property, investment property, income producing property, office property and U.S. government auctions. Again under "All Listings" you can search any commercial property listed on on-line MLS online. There are also incredibly complete pages on each countys commercial property scene including Warren County Ohio links, Warren County history, Warren Countys largest employers, a Warren County business directory and Warren County government contacts. We have this for each county. Call or email us for details and updates. Right now you can buy some of the best deals in decades. ?Call us at 721-LAND or email
mark@cincyland.com and we will find them!

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